a positive safe-space new age community
for spiritual Wanderers to find and
explore their own truth

Welcome to WandererCommunity.com, an on-line spiritual community for Wanderers, Starseeds, Walk-ins, and Light Workers. People that have come to realize that they are of a different spiritual origin from those around them, and are here to be of service in this time of earthly transition. Wanderers are spiritually awakened souls whose awakened state often leads to feelings of isolation and alienation. This community is for spiritual people whose interests may include new age spirituality, channeling, reincarnation, 4th density, 3rd density, paranormal, metaphysical, altered states of consciousness, spirits, inspiration, psychic ability, prophecies, revelations, spiritual growth. Please note that this is a community that is serious about spiritual exploration and growth and if you wish to be a member this should be your primary focus. Anyone is always welcome to explore the information contained in the site as a visitor.

A Declaration of the Intention of WandererCommunity

This document is intended to convey both the primary focus of this community and the core beliefs on which it was founded so that both members and prospective members will be better able to determine if the community is for them. Please note the word 'primary' as this not meant to preclude other areas that a member may need to express or have help in exploring. It does however state that each member should have a primary focus and respect for what is outlined below. Such members that are unable to make this their primary focus should consider any one of the multitude of other on-line communities as it is likely that another community would better serve their needs. The purpose of this is to better give the community a firm focus and cohesion so that it may grow in size to house a larger membership without disintegrating or loosing focus as many on-line communities do.

The term 'lightworker' in this document is intended to embrace the multitude of terms such as Wanderer or Starseed.

Core Intent: WandererCommunity aims to be a positive safe environment for lightworkers to explore their own inner unique truth and be positively supported in that in a way that may not be possible in their personal lives.

1) WandererCommunity recognizes that it can not be all things to all people, and instead chooses to maintain a focus of lightworkers supporting each other in a positive and safe environment through love, mutual respect, non-judgmentalism, and the sharing and exploration of ideas.

2) WandererCommunity is a community of similarly orientated individuals supporting each other in our own personal unique awakening processes. The emphasis here is on supporting and sharing rather than teaching. We are of course encouraged to share ideas with others in the hope that they will resonate with them and they will be helpful, but we should not take it upon ourselves to pressure another to what we believe. It is therefore the intent of the community to support people where they are, rather than change them, though members may use the energy and ideas shared in the community to change themselves. We are all here to share and learn, not to teach as if we have the only or best answer.

3) WandererCommunity maintains a strong view that there is no 'One Truth' and that each member is here to find / discover / explore their own inner unique truth; that which resonates with their soul. The sharing of beliefs is strongly encouraged, though this must be purely the sharing of beliefs and not come from the intention of recruiting others to your beliefs i.e. when you share a belief you should not be attached to others taking it on as their own. If you wish to advocate or recommend any group, organization, book, or website, then you must do so in the Statements and Recommendations forum, or if that group represents fear-based views then it must go in the Negativity forum. Members / prospective members whose primary beliefs are fear-based or conspiratorial in nature should find a community that better resonates with those views so that they may be better supported.

4) Though WandererCommunity does not advocate any one particular belief system, it chooses to primarily be a forum for beliefs that are positive and not fear-based in orientation. It does not judge people that choose negative or fear-based views but has in its intent chosen not to be a forum for them as it recognizes that there are many other communities out there where such views are supported. It chooses to be some-what of a haven from such views. It does however recognize that its positively oriented members may at times need to explore negative or fear-based issues. The Xpress Negativity forum is provided for this purpose. Fear-based views must be posted in this forum or they will be deleted without notice.

5) WandererCommunity accepts that at times in order to maintain the ideas outlined above that postings must at times be deleted and even memberships revoked. Intent to spread fear and personal attacks are examples of the types of behaviors that would lead to the above actions. Such actions will never be taken without due thought and consideration.


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The site currently features:

Wanderer Web Directory. An expansive yahoo style directory of Wanderer resources, Starseeds, Walkins, Spirituality, Channeling, Ra, Seth, Contactee, UFO related web sites. Through your links submissions, this is a directory built by Wanderers for Wanderers.

Member's Spiritual Profiles. As a member you are able to create your own Spiritual Profile page where you can write about yourself, and select an image from a selection or even upload a picture of yourself. These profiles are then linked from a central members directory and the discussions forum.

The Wanderer ForumsA discussion board for all types of Wanderer related discussion. There are three levels of forums covering every imaginable spiritual topic.

The Wanderer Bookstore. An on-line bookstore selling many new age Wanderer books & metaphysical books, categories include Wanderer, spiritual growth, The Seth Books by Jane Roberts, The Ra Material from L/L Research, Contactee, channelling, past lives, reincarnation, parapsychology, metaphysics, ufos, crop circles, and even new physics.

The Wanderer Chat Room. This features a live discussion room, so that you can talk to other Wanderers and Star Children live on site. Please note that this is the one pay-service of the community.

The Wanderer Library An extensive library of writing and artwork submitted by the members.

If you feel you are or may be a Wanderer please enter the site as a visitor and if you like what you see then please read the delcaration of intent and join us in the community.

Best Wishes


Please e-mail comments, questions, and suggestions to Support@wanderercommunity.com